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My art is inspired by my love of nature and animals. I imagine animals have personalities similar to our own. While I start with a sketch or have an idea of what a character will look like, their personalities tend to emerge on their own through the process of painting or sculpting. My style is whimsical with a light-hearted feel. 


As a child, I loved drawing and creating characters from found objects. My creativity lead me to a career in Graphic Design. After years of creating layouts and marketing material, I chose to stay home with my children. We spent our days playing and reading stories (which often featured animals) which inspired me to begin illustrating and creating quirky characters of my own.  

Do you remember as a child imagining magical worlds filled with treasures and whimsical characters? You may be grown, but there is always room for a bit of magic. Fill your space with treasures that make you smile and give your guests some inspiration for their own homes. Decor that speaks to your heart and inner-child will never go out of style. Create your own world of magic that you get excited to come home to. A whimsical home doesn't start with a store, it starts with a story. What story do you want to tell?

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